Developmental Editing

Developmental editing may occur before a story has even had a chapter written. It most often occurs early in the editing process, so big picture items can be fixed. After revisions, grammar and spelling will be addressed by a different editor. Some notes may be made if an easily recognizable error occurs throughout.


What Developmental Editing is


Big Picture

Time Line (Does Saturday occur two days in a row?)

Characters (Do names match, change from chapter to chapter)

Consistency (Does the character, and plot, age consistently from chapter to chapter)

Goals achieved (Or not)

Story Structure


What Developmental Editing is Not


Correcting spelling

Correcting grammar

My strengths





Coming of Age,

Science Fiction

Materials not accepted




Severe Abuse,


If you choose me as a developmental editor, you will receive


Two rounds of edits

Thorough plot developmental content edit

Character development and consistency check

Consistency of time and place verified

POV clarity

Overused words issues noted

Repetition issues noted

Pacing issues noted

Dialogue issues noted

A thorough editorial letter


What I do not edit (Not my strengths)


Line editing or copyediting

Spelling (some throughout notes may be made, particularly if the character's name changes spelling.)

Grammar (some throughout notes may be made)

Punctuation (some throughout notes may be made, such as over-reliance on ellipses or exclamation points.)

Sentence Structure (some throughout notes may be made)

Standard Practice


Free 4 page edit (prefer chapter 3, as it is less likely to have been over-edited.)

If an agreement is made, half of the cost will be paid upfront. 

The second payment is due upon completion.

Small Projects - Under 60,000 words

Minimum fee of $15 on small projects.

Rates for word counts under 80,000 - $15 per hour

Novels and Nonfiction over 60,000 words

Rates for a full developmental edit begin at $300.

If you only need a partial developmental edit, focusing on only a few areas, please email, a check of the project and an estimated time to completion will determine the cost.

If we determine you only need one developmental edit pass, an adjustment will be discussed at the author's request.

As always, rush projects may cost more.

Ebook Formatting

Paperback Formatting


Manuscript Preparation for Formatting


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Developmental Editing


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Characters achieve goals? 

Has your #StoryStructure and #Plot reached its potential? 

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